k3s Vagrant Cluster

Life continues in the time of COVID-19. To continue my work with k3s I’ve created a new Github project to build a development k3s cluster to use on my new iMac box (with 64Gb of memory I might add). Right now the project is in a very early stage and it builds on plenty of work of other contributors on other Github projects. The Project Head on over to k3s-vagrant-cluster and have a look. [Read More]

k3s Traefik Dashboard

Traefik is automatically deployed as part of the k3s Kubernetes cluster. To enable the dashboard for Traefik follow these instructions. Enable the Dashboard The dashboard is not enabled in the base k3s distribution. Enable the dashboard by editing the traefik.yaml manifest at /var/lib/rancher/k3s/server/manifests: sudo vi /var/lib/rancher/k3s/server/manifests/traefik.yaml Add the line dashboard.enabled: "true" in the spec: set: section. Remember this is YAML so match the indent of the previous line. Save the file and k3s will deploy the dashboard service, you can see the service with the kubectl get service command: [Read More]

k3s Cluster

As a follow on to my Kubernetes cluster build from earlier this month, I decided to try out the k3s lightweight Kubernetes install on my same cluster. Install Fedora Server 31 I used Fedora 31 as my base OS and installed the standard server. The k3s installation requires the legacy cgroups and iptables found in older OS versions, Fedora has decided to upgrade to newer versions of cgroups and iptables in 31. [Read More]