k3s Cluster

As a follow on to my Kubernetes cluster build from earlier this month, I decided to try out the k3s lightweight Kubernetes install on my same cluster. Install Fedora Server 31 I used Fedora 31 as my base OS and installed the standard server. The k3s installation requires the legacy cgroups and iptables found in older OS versions, Fedora has decided to upgrade to newer versions of cgroups and iptables in 31. [Read More]

Kubernetes Cluster Install

I have a number of Intel NUC systems that I purchased off ebay a while back and wanted to use them to create my own personal Kubernetes cluster. I’ll be using the cluster to test out new container-based products as well as securing the installation based on the CIS Benchmark for Kubernetes. Install Fedora Server 31 I am using Fedora 31 as my base OS instead of something like CoreOS for a number of reasons, most notably that I want to install some other software that is not container-based. [Read More]

Using Git Submodules

In setting up the stad.us blog and website, I had the opportunity to start using the git submodule command for the first time to work with submodules. I don’t pretend that there are other ways to use submodules, but these are the commands I use the most. Add Anything can be added as a submodule to an existing git project as long as the submodule is itself a git project. In my case, I forked the Beautiful Hugo theme for this Hugo based website. [Read More]
git  example 


Welcome to the new home of Software Tool & Die. Here you will find my occasional musings on software development, security research, kubernetes, containers, and just about anything else that is on my mind. Software Tool & Die is my consulting company based in Denver, CO. When I decide to strike out on my own and work 1099, STAD comes to the rescue. This site is rendered using a static site generator called Hugo with a customized theme. [Read More]