Nefarious Container

We recently evaluated Lacework as a Cloud Workload Protection Platform for Workiva. To test some of the CWPP capabilities of Lacework I created a nefarious-container that did some … errr … nefarious things that should be caught by a CWPP. The container code is up on Github. It pulls information from a known crypto mining site as well as modifies the /etc/resolv file to trigger the File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) feature of Lacework. [Read More]

Docker with Homebrew

As part of my job at Workiva I work quite a bit with containers and I need to install Docker Desktop on my Mac running Big Sur. Instead of just downloading and installing the DMG from Docker, I instead wanted to install just the command line with Homebrew. The first step, of course, is to install Homebrew. I won’t replicate those instructions here. Once you’ve done that and checked the installation, proceed with the following instructions. [Read More]